Pursuit Collection


Alaska Collection by Pursuit has continued to employ international college students through the J-1 Visa Program for over a decade. The Work & Travel Program was created to give students, from all over the world, the opportunity to experience the culture and life of United States during their summer vacation. Students have the opportunity to work in United States for up to four months, and then travel within USA for a month after the seasonal work assignment. We are currently looking for students who are looking to experience the Work & Travel Program to its fullness.


  • We only work with students participating in the Work & Travel Program associated with J-1 Visas.
  • No independent offers will be made to Work & Travel students that require a visa except to former Alaska Collection employees that have completed a previous year of employment in one of our locations.
  • Offers will only be made to students who can work the entire summer season.

If you are interested in the Work & Travel - J-1 Visa Program, we encourage you to contact our partner agency for more information: Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

  • International students applying for summer jobs must be proficient in English to effectively interact with English speaking guests and coworkers.
  • Previous work experience in USA and/or in related jobs is a plus.

Alaska is calling... #ExploreAlaska