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Living and working in Banff or Jasper National Park, world-renowned mountain tourist destinations, is an exciting and one-of-a-kind experience. Staff accommodation is based on availability. While we cannot guarantee staff housing for all employees, we have tips and helpful suggestions for those looking for alternative housing arrangements.

Columbia Icefield

Due to our remote location, the Columbia Icefield is unique in that all employees of the Glacier Adventure, Glacier Skywalk and Glacier View Inn live on site in staff accommodation.

All of our staff reside in the "Ice Palace", a 100 unit, two-story building. The facility includes coin operated washers and dryers. WiFi is accessible within the common room. Each room consists of two twin beds, a closet, dresser/clothing storage, table and chair. A limited number of single rooms are available for leaders and night shift staff. Most employees share a bedroom. There is a semi-private washroom between each set of two bedrooms, typically 3-4 staff members share a washroom.


Room assignments are based on position, location and tenure. Rent is payroll deducted and ranges from $8-23/day. Most units are shared with at least one other person. Limited private rooms are available for leadership positions.

Banff and Canmore offer many alternatives for housing. Public transportation is easily accessible from Banff and Canmore via the ROAM bus, making living outside of staff accommodations a possibility for those without vehicles.

Maligne Lake

Live lakeside or stay in town – two accommodations options are available for staff working at Maligne Lake.

Housing in town is located at the east end of Jasper and is connected to Maligne Lake by a regular/daily employee shuttle. The housing building offers a games room, a convenience store, coin laundry facilities and furnished shared rooms with two single beds (linens not included) with fridge and stove. The rent for most shared rooms is $15/day.

For the 2018 season, employees will have a chance to live right at the lake in our new staff accommodation at Maligne Lake. Most rooms are shared between two people and included furnishings and linens. A separate building offers kitchen facilities, laundry and games room. The rent for most shared rooms is $15/day.

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