Pursuit is a collection of inspiring, unforgettable adventure travel experiences

Our promise is to inspire travelers and each other. To never stop searching for places we’re passionate about, connections we value and moments that bring us joy. Whatever they may be. Wherever they may take us. Pursuit is about our extraordinary life journey and the memories we create together along the way.
Where: We are privileged to live and work in some of the world’s most iconic locations.
Who: We are a diverse team of local experts with a deep passion for sharing these places.
What: We are both curators and proprietors of unique lodges and adventure experiences.
Why: We believe these places have the potential to change lives. 
We’ve designed journeys to connect you with the power and history of exceptional places.
In the Pursuit of the Remarkable

Regardless of our approach, we all search for something. A renewed sense of awe. A deeper connection to people and places. A life experience we’ve always dreamed about. Collectively, we are adventurous spirits in search of our next amazing memory – one that will stay with us forever. So we travel with a sense of wonder, pursuing unforgettable experiences.

When you experience your world with awe and excitement, your journey is a joyful, never-ending adventure.
Explore the wilder corners of the world on our sightseeing adventure tours.
Think of our lodges as basecamps – with nature right at your doorstep.

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