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Pursuit and all of its divisions, including The Banff Jasper Collection, The Glacier Park Collection, The Alaska Collection, FlyOver Canada, FlyOver Iceland, FlyOver Las Vegas, FlyOver Attractions, Inc. and Sky Lagoon (collectively, "we" or "us"), understand that your privacy is important to you and we are committed to being transparent about the technologies we use.  This Cookie Policy explains how and why cookies, web beacons, pixels, clear gifs, and other similar technologies (collectively “Cookies”) may be stored on and accessed from your device when you use or visit any of our websites. This Cookie Policy should be read together with our Privacy Policy.

Should you have any questions or requests you may contact us as provided in the section titled Contact Pursuit below.


A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer or other device such as mobile phones or tablet devices by a website. Cookies allow a website to remember your preferences while visiting the site in order to provide you with a more personalized experience. They help to make websites work efficiently and can allow site owners to track how a site is used to provide useful data for making improvements.

You can choose whether to accept cookies by changing the settings on your browser. However, if you disable this function, your experience on the Site may be diminished and some features may not work as intended.


Below we list the different types of cookies that may be used on the Site. To the extent any Personal Information is collected through cookies, the Privacy Policy applies and compliments this Cookies Policy.

The Site uses both 1st party cookies (which are set by the Site being visited) and 3rd party cookies (which are set by a server located outside the domain of the Site).

Essential Cookies: Essential cookies enable you to navigate the Site and to use its services and features.  Without these absolutely necessary cookies, the Site will not perform as smoothly for you as we would like it to and we may not be able to provide the Site or certain services or features.

Cookie Name Description of Purpose When do Cookies Expire 1st Party or 3rd Party Cookie?
ASP.NET_Sessionid This cookie is used to maintain information about each visit to the website and enable core site functionality. Expires at the end of the session. 1st party
CMSCsrfCookie Stores a security token that the system uses to validate all form data submitted via POST requests. Helps protect against CSRF (cross site request forgery). Expires at the end of the session. 1st party
BIGipServer This cookie allows load balancing for applications. In load balancing the BIGIP router monitors the server equipment for availability. Expires at the end of the session. 3rd party
_atuvc This cookie enables the use of AddThis, a group of buttons found on our page that allows you to ‘share’ your experience on social networks. 2 years 1st party
CMSPreferredCulture Tracks which culture a user has stated as their preference for functional content (for products and location specific functionality). 1 year 1st party

Analytics Cookies: Analytics cookies collect information about your use of the Site, and enable us to improve the way it works.

Cookie Provider Cookie Name Description of Purpose When do Cookies Expire 1st Party or 3rd Party Cookie?
Google Universal Analytics _ga This cookie is used to distinguish unique users. It is included in each page request in a site and used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for the sites analytics reports. 2 years 1st party
Google Universal Analytics _gid This cookie is used to distinguish users. 24 hours 1st party
Google Universal Analytics _gat This cookie is used to throttle the request rate – limiting the collection of data on high traffic sites. 1 minute 1st  party
Google Universal Analytics _dc_gtm This cookie is associated with using Google Tag Manager to load other scripts and code into a page. 10 minutes 3rd party
Envoke Marketing Automation _nvk_visitor, _nvk_contact, _nvk_page_count, _nvk_visit These cookies are used to calculate user pageviews, traffic sources, and for form personalization. 1 year 1st party
DialogTech Inbound Call Tracking _st, _st_bid These cookies are used to display dynamic phone numbers online based on the traffic source of the visitor for analytics. 7 days 3rd party

Advertising Cookies: Advertising cookies are set to display targeted promotions or advertisements based upon your interests on the Site or to manage our advertising.  These cookies collect information about your activities on this and other sites to provide you targeted advertising. 

Cookie Provider Description of Purpose
Google AdWords We use Google AdWords conversion tracking to help us determine how many people clicked on our Google Ads and interacted with Pursuit websites.
Google Remarketing Google Remarketing targets visitors with display ads based on prior page views on Pursuit websites.
Facebook Pursuit makes it easier for you to share any content of interest on Facebook and sometimes, we may present targeted adverts on Facebook based on your engagement with Pursuit website(s).



You can prevent the setting of cookies by adjusting the settings on your browser (see below for instructions). Be aware that disabling cookies will affect the functionality of this and many other websites that you visit. Disabling cookies will usually result in also disabling certain functionality and features of Pursuit websites. Therefore it is recommended that you do not disable cookies.

Instructions on how to manage cookies:

To manage cookies on your mobile phone please consult your manual or handbook.


If you have any requests concerning your information or questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact our Chief Compliance Officer at our parent company, Viad Corp:


[email protected]


Viad Corp

Attention:  Chief Compliance Officer

1850 North Central Avenue, Suite 1900

Phoenix, AZ   85004-4565

We will use reasonable measures to verify the identity of a data subject before proceeding with a request.  If you have provided an email address to Pursuit, please include it with your request.  Once verified, a request received will be processed across all Pursuit divisions. 


Last Updated:  February 9, 2024

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