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Hitting the open road is such a great feeling. Road trips are loaded with nostalgia, adventure, simplicity and carefree vibes. Whether you're heading out on an adventure with family and friends or in search of some solace all on your own, roll down the windows and get ready to make memories!

Here are our tips for planning the best road trip this summer:

1. Go Natural

Head somewhere with wide spaces, stunning scenery and natural delights. Soaking in beautiful scenery will do wonders to calm your spirits and help you open your mind. Lakes, mountains, river bends, canyons, Prairies and coastlines all work. And if there is wildlife to be spotted, even better!

Two people in a convertible driving down an open road toward forests and mountains.

2. Fun Routes

Good road tripping calls for interesting driving routes. Look for places with decent road conditions and minimal traffic. Look for places where you can put the pedal down, turn on cruise control, and watch the world go by. Winding highways, narrow backroads and high passes to reach keep each mile different. There's always something different ahead—and that's the essence of adventure. Some classics include the Icefields Parkway in the Canadian Rockies, the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park and the George Park's Highway in Alaska.

3. Essential Tunes

Whether it's old-time country or modern trip-hop, whatever makes you excited to be on the road is what you should listen to. Before you head out, load up your playlist with a combo—mix it up with some sing-along oldies, thigh-slapping dance tunes and mellow folk.

4. Good Peeps

Whether it's your grandpa, your kids, your new love or your besties, having the right company on the road is essential. We learn a lot about ourselves and the people we're with when we hit the road together. Look for a travel companion with a sense of adventure, good navigational skills and an easy smile.

A person turns back from the passenger seat of a car to take a photo.

5. Maps

Maybe you're keen to get lost. But most of us find following along with a map helpful to learn more about the place we go by. Did you know that historic site dates to the 1880s? That peak was named after a nurse in World War II? So come prepared with interesting facts to help you discover the magic along the way.

6. Good Food

You'll be needing snacks—both healthy and indulgent—and a good thermos for those warm drinks to sip as you go. Maybe you want to do some research ahead of time to find recommendations for the must-see roadside restaurants. Some people would rather just follow their noses and discover on their own. Either way, make sure you work three good meals into your day.

Two people stand outside of a food truck.

7. Pull Over

You've got to get out and stretch those legs every once in a while. Pick some short hikes and great lookout points to get your heart rate up a bit. Go for a stroll down the main drag in a random town. Jump into a crystal clear lake for a swim. Stop for a scoop of ice cream. Make sure you plan at least two stops each day.

Three people sit on the roof of a station wagon looking toward a mountain vista.

8. Pack Your Smile

The moment you turn right out of the driveway and hit the open road, worries seem to fade. Predictability is replaced with spontaneity and it's essential to make room for the unexpected. All days on the road are good days.

At the end of each day, pick a spot with a nice view for a good night's sleep. Over dinner, you can plan the next day's route and go through pictures from today's.

Whether you have two days or 20, every road trip is worth the miles. So get out and explore the world beyond your driveway this summer.

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