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This Earth Day, we have more reason than ever to be thankful for the places we call home. These places ground us with a steady reminder that no matter how things change, there are constants we can count on.

Connecting with nature may look a little different this spring, as we all stay home in support of a greater cause. But the wonder of the natural world outside will wait for us. In the meantime, we can honor our places from inside at home. Here are five suggestions from our team members to connect with the spirit of Earth Day.

1. Fix-ups

Make use of the extra time we have at home to repair something that's broken, rather than replacing it. And if it's beyond repair, then consider a second life for your household items. Upcycling helps you create something to be proud of, and it makes for a great "crafternoon".

A man holds some power tools.

2. Green Eating

This is also a great time to get creative in the kitchen. Reduce food waste by planning meals ahead and testing out new ingredients that are sitting in your fridge. Get a taste for growing your own food starting with the veggies you already have, and if your green thumb sprouts then why not consider planting a vegetable plot this spring?

A man holds a fiddlehead up to the camera

3. Shop Local

Especially in the unique circumstances of our world right now, it's important to support local businesses that are still open in your area. Purchasing products that don't have to be brought from far away also helps to make sure that supplies that are urgently needed aren't slowed down.

A rustic wooden store.

4. Planet-Friendly Reading

Green your reading list with content that educates and inspires. Check out Earth Day 2020's recommended reads, expand your understanding of the natural world and the climate crisis, and immerse yourself in something new.

A line up of books in a windowsill.

5. Reflection

If the current situation has made you realize that you're able to make do with less, you're not alone. Simply making time to appreciate all that we have is a powerful way to reconnect with the world and our place within it.

Two mugs held up in a cheers

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