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All of this uncertainty and inside time is tough! It sure can bring you down. Amidst the cancellations, closures and chaos, we started wondering if this time could also be used to build and cultivate JOY. And if it's there to be experienced, how can we help share that joy?

We're the kind of people who find joy (pleasure, recharge, solace and inspiration) in connecting with the natural world. So we started brainstorming new ways to source joy from nature, under the restrictions of the present. Here are some of ways we're still finding joy in the natural world during these unprecedented, uncertain—and indoor—times.

  • Turn out all the lights and watch the night sky. Look for constellations, mark the track of the moon. You may even get lucky enough to spot a shooting star.

A dark night sky covered in stars above a lake surrounded mountains.

  • Care for or create a green space in your home. House plants can be your miniature garden or forest!
  • With spring around the corner, animals are returning to our neighborhoods. Watch for birds or other creatures from a safe distance.

An elk eats some foliage.

  • Use your binoculars. Keep them at the window and just pick them up and take a good look at whatever natural world you have. Nearby trees, distant peaks and weather conditions are always changing. Slow down and observe.
  • Get outside! If you're healthy, a quick walk or a hike offers a change of scenery and a chance to quicken your pace. There's definitely joy in that!

Two people stand at a lookout below tall tree-covered mountains.

What ways are you finding joy these days? Let us know

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