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The leaves are falling and the spirit of autumn is upon us. Here at Flyover, we’re thrilled for this spooky season. Throughout the whole year, our immersive flight journeys hit all the senses. And as we fly into fall, we’re wondering what else is flying over, under and around us? What do our Flyover locations have to offer the supernatural senses?

From Vancouver to Reykjavík, we at Flyover are always looking to connect with the unique spirits and stories of the spectacular places we operate in. But, especially during this time of year, there are spirits and stories of a different sort that begin to emerge — tales often told around the campfire or in a spooky, candle-lit room. Keep reading to hear what might be lurking in a Flyover city near you...

Bootleggers & extended stays

RBC Building in Vancouver with a grey misty sky.

At Vancouver’s Flyover Canada, you’ll soar coast to coast experiencing the sights, sounds and scents of the Canadian wilderness. But what’s that soaring through the misty air right here in Vancouver?

The Fairmont Hotel is said to have a resident spirit who checked-in in 1944 but never checked-out. The Red Lady is frequently spotted roaming the halls. Turns out, the tea service was to die for. And The Gabriola House hosts frequent apparitions at the site that once granted access to an underground network of tunnels used during Prohibition. No matter what businesses have operated here throughout the years, ghoulish bootleggers remain committed to delivering spirits of a different sort.

Legends to keep the kids in-line

A house in the distance of a dark spooky Icelandic landscape with a single light on.

In Reykjavík, Flyover Iceland will transform you with its sweeping glaciers, stunning fjords and ancient mysteries. The unique view of erupting volcanoes and moving glaciers begs you to redefine time and space. In fact, time and space seem irrelevant in this land where ancient tales are very much a part of the present.

Mythological creatures are alive and well in Iceland’s lore. Grýla and her 13 sons, the Yule Lads, are enough to keep Iceland’s children on the straight and narrow. Grýla is said to be a giant with the ability to smell disobedience. And her favorite meal? Disobedient children, of course. On the 12 days leading up to Christmas, the Yule Lads, each with their own terrible form and deviant behavior, troll about with unique versions of mischief. Children well behaved enough to escape Grýla's dinner plate receive small gifts, placed in shoes left on the window sill.

And it’s not just the kids — many of Iceland’s adults believe whole-heartedly in the spirits of yore. Hafgufa haunts the shipping industry; Huldufólk roam the earth; and Rán has only one purpose: to drown travelers at sea. 

In other places, there seems to be more certainty about what is fact and what is fiction. But here in the mystical, magical land of Iceland, it’s more important to believe what you feel. Take the adventure and decide for yourself.

Glitz, glam & ghosts

The Las Vegas sign in front of a dark and stormy sky.

At Flyover in Las Vegas, experience the American West like never before. The vast prairies, towering mountains and urban monuments will leave you wide-eyed.

And just try to keep your eyes open if you bump into any of the city’s hundreds of ghosts. Legend has it that countless lives were lost both in legitimate building trades and in illegitimate enterprises with people who are, you know, connected. And many of these lost souls are still seen soaring around today.

Scary structures & Scarface

A cityscape of Chicago with a castle like structure in the front at night.

And coming soon in the spring of 2024, Flyover’s Chicago location will surely delight your senses. Situated on the historic Navy Pier, we can’t wait to see what a tour above the Great Lakes has to offer.

As a city famous for its architecture, it’s fitting that Chicago also has its share of haunted houses, theatres and hotels. From “Death Alley” — a supposed hot-spot for apparitions following the 1903 Iroquois Theatre fire — to a shadowy figure taking up residence in Chicago’s historic Water Tower, noteworthy Chicagoans extend beyond the realm of the living.

Possibly the most notorious of the bunch, however, is Al Capone. Though Brooklyn born, Capone did most of his dirty business in Chicago. “Peg Leg Johnny” and “Jimmy” are two of the crime boss's supposed victims, and both are rumored to have haunted him until the end of his days. Reported sightings of Johnny, Jimmy and Capone himself continue in Chicago to this day, many of which take place in the halls and suites of the Congress Plaza Hotel.

This spooky season, be sure to enjoy a Flyover location near you. The experience will delight your five senses, it might activate your extrasensory perception and it is sure to spark your sense of adventure.

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