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The #PursuitLife is about more than simply exploring a place. It’s about letting the power of the incredible places where we live and work make their mark on us. Are you a current or future team member of Pursuit? This story is for you.

To have a car or not to have a car in Glacier this summer? It’s a luxury to have a set of wheels that’ll provide easy access to our backyard playground, but half the fun is hitching rides with newfound friends. Having a vehicle won’t make or break your summer in Glacier National Park. Consider these tips when making your decision. 

Rafting along the river

West Glacier 

West Glacier is often seen as the most bustling part of the park. It is also the closest to the communities of Columbia Falls, Kalispell and Whitefish. Having a car in West Glacier may be useful for getting to work if you live off property, making a trip to town on your day off or visiting other parts of the park. Some employee housing locations at West Glacier are walking distance from work locations and others range from about five to 10 miles away. 

An employee shuttle runs from early morning to late at night, so having a car in West Glacier is a convenience, not a necessity.

Glacier Park Lodge exterior

East Glacier (Glacier Park Lodge) 

Glacier Park Lodge is in a small town about 45-60 minutes east of West Glacier and 45 minutes south from St. Mary Village. The town has a gas station, restaurants and a few other shops that are within walking distance from the lodge and employee housing. There are a few trails that are walking distance away from the employee living area as well. 

Having a car in East Glacier would be useful for getting to other parts of the park as well as getting to a larger community. There are options for shuttles that run to Two Medicine Lake and sometimes St. Mary Village. Team members with and without vehicles are always heading out to exploring, so catching a lift with friends is almost always an option. 

St. Mary's Lake

St. Mary Village

On the edge of the Wild West, this location is our most remote. This secluded paradise has only a few establishments, including a gas station and small store. A car is helpful here for easy access to larger communities, but not required if your priority is to explore the incredible hiking trails in the area. In addition to an employee shuttle, the National Park Service offers a hiking shuttle service that leads to countless nearby trailheads. 

Prince of Wales hotel sitting on the bluff overlooking Waterton lake

Waterton (Prince of Wales Hotel)

The small mountain community of Waterton is easily reached on foot from the Prince of Wales Hotel – it’s a five to 10 minute walk. Downtown Waterton is a busy little hub with restaurants and basic shops. Hiking trails leave right from town, but going further afield into Waterton Lakes National Park or Glacier National Park (on the US side of the border) can be tricky without access to a vehicle. 

With or without a vehicle, a wealth of adventures await in Glacier National Park.

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