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Each summer, we welcome guests from all over the world to experience unforgettable and iconic places. And we strive to do so in a sustainable and responsible way. This summer, things will be continue to be different. Travel restrictions, social distancing, new cleanliness protocols—there's a lot to consider. We all need to work together to protect our safety and that of our communities.

Here are some tips on how to responsibly explore iconic places and experience our hotels, attractions and restaurants this summer.

  1. Go early or late. You'll likely see fewer crowds if you visit places like the Banff Gondola, FlyOver Canada, Maligne Lake, Lake Minnewanka and the Columbia Icefield Adventure earlier or later in the day. Less people means more space.

A person looks out from a balcony towards mountain peaks.

  1. Come in the shoulder season. Fall is an amazing time to visit Alaska, Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies. There is generally less people then, as well.
  2. Take care of yourself and be responsible. If you're not feeling well, or someone in your group isn't feeling well, please consider staying home. We'd be happy to rebook you for another time.

Two people stand at a viewpoint, overlooking tundra and mountains.

  1. Stay healthy. Carry hand sanitizer. Wash your hands regularly. Don't touch your face. Cover your face when you sneeze or cough. These are all standards for most of us now!
  2. Wear a mask. Wearing a mask is mandatory in most places. It is important that you check with the local health authorities for details prior to your visit. We have masks available at our experiences.
  3. Be prepared. If you're visiting our experiences, you'll receive a confirmation email upon booking that outlines our protocols. Be engaged in these new protocols. Be alert for changes in flow, understand new rules in restaurants and consider what areas have limited access. When you arrive, expect to be asked some screening questions about your health.

A group of small boats docked on a lake.

  1. Ask questions. Once you arrive, get involved. Connect with our staff to learn more about the impacts on our local communities and to find out the efforts we're taking. Education is power.
  2. Don't be alarmed. Line-ups may look extra long, but that's only because we're spacing people out.

A father and daughter look out to the sea.

  1. Make it count! Each day out exploring somewhere beautiful is precious. After months of isolation, we're all craving adventure and beauty. Be sure to arrive with an open mind and take all the opportunities available.

We'll be taking care of ensuring our experiences are safe and we thank you for collaborating with us. See you soon for adventure!

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