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Each year, our annual report spotlights the forward momentum of Promise to Place projects. But these reports aren’t meant to just live as historical documents. After publication, progress marches on.

Here, we revisit past years’ promises and provide updates on how initiatives continue to evolve today.

Supporting Glacier Conservation

In 2019: We explored how opt-in Glacier Park Collection donations have helped to support wildlife, wonder and wilderness initiatives through the Glacier Park Conservancy.

In 2022: Glacier Park Collection has donated an additional US$139,540 to the conservancy since 2020, funding trail restoration, wildlife preservation, field trips and other crucial projects in the process.

Sharing our kitchen in the Rockies

In 2020: Our Banff Jasper Collection food and beverage team debuted Easy Eats, providing easy-to-prepare meals to team and community members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022: In September, Jasper’s food and beverage team stepped up once again when the townsite lost power due to the nearby Chetamon wildfire. In addition to feeding team members, our team also organized community dinners as rolling outages impacted the town over a week and a half.

A group of volunteers pose at a Jasper Community Dinner.

Composting in Glacier Park Collection

In 2019: We celebrated a Glacier Park Collection wide effort in composting, leading to 57 tons of organic waste avoiding the landfill.

In 2022: Composting efforts have continued, with our restaurants and properties creating 62 tons of premium quality compost throughout the year.

Reducing emissions at the Icefield

In 2019: We reported on an ambitious project to lessen our environmental impact and upgrade our entire Ice Explorer fleet at the Columbia Icefield.

In 2022: We’ve reduced our emissions more than 30% by using propane generators in the place of diesel at the Glacier Discovery Centre. To date, we have fully refurbished 11 Ice Explorers. Now, we’re looking at the possibilities of electrification.

Aerial view of the Columbia Icefields.

Celebrating more at FlyOver

In 2018: We shared the importance of making FlyOver a universally welcoming experience, regardless of age, language or cultural background.

In 2022: FlyOver Canada established a budget for employee culture sharing. Over the past year, the team celebrated both Eid and Day of the Dead, with plans for further expansion in 2023.

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