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Like for so many others, everything changed for our team when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in mid-March, 2020. Each week, Pursuit President David Barry delivered a team message aimed to keep our staff connected, informed and committed to resiliency. This message was shared with the team on April 10, 2020.

What does ‘sense of place’ mean to you? It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about this week, as we all try to make sense of the new normal. Right now, our Pursuit world feels pretty small and tightly connected. While this comes at a cost, it is one of the silver linings of all this. My conversations and messages with many of you this week have confirmed what I knew to be true: the spirit of Pursuit remains stronger than ever. 

As global citizens we’re communicating more and trying our best to do right by each other. And we’re finding comfort in our sense of place. As a Pursuit team, we have the privilege of representing some of the most iconic, inspiring and unforgettable places on the planet.  

Think about Lake McDonald in Glacier, the Georgia Straight in Vancouver, or the “Great One", Alaska's Denali. From Spirit Island to the Harding Icefield to the Giant's Causeway; these places have stood the test of time. Our sense of place is grounded in some of the strongest forces on Earth. These places have seen us through millennia of change, and they’ll see us through these evolving times too.  

We're navigating ever-changing circumstances and their impact on our company and our world. Know that the leadership team is fully focused on how we can best support our teams and the company with one goal in mind: to emerge from this situation with strength. In the meantime, we’ve begun feeding our community in Banff and Jasper, we’ve donated much-needed supplies in Montana and we’re working on many more initiatives to share our energy and resources with those in need. 

We all know the common messages now, and we know why they’re so important. Please continue to follow health authority directives and let the strength of our places and our people shine through.  

Stay well, stay safe, stay strong. 

David Barry
President, Pursuit

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