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Like for so many others, everything changed for our team when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in mid-March, 2020. Each week, Pursuit President David Barry delivered a team message aimed to keep our staff connected, informed and committed to resiliency. This message was shared with the team on March 12, 2020.

When you live and work in iconic places, you learn to adapt to the elements. Our teams regularly deal with fires, floods and more. This year we’re dealing with something new, something we’ve never seen before and we need to come together to work through it as a team - just as we always do.  

If you're feeling anxious in the midst of the increasing media coverage around Coronavirus (COVID-19), please know that you're not alone. In this rapidly changing situation, there are some constants that we believe in:  

  1. Safety First remains our leading core value. Thank you to everyone who has helped to step up preventative cleaning measures, so we can continue to prioritize the health of our staff and guests.  
  2. Respect and empathy for all is more important than ever. There is no place for discrimination or bias at Pursuit – not now, not ever. As global citizens, we are all in this together. 
  3. Trust your team. We trust our people to take health precautions, travel smart and collaborate to make the right decisions. If you’re not sure about something, get a second opinion – there’s nothing we can’t figure out as a team.

Our industry is facing unprecedented challenges, unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetime. We feel these challenges so keenly because, as a hospitality company, we are all about people. Pursuit attracts people with bright minds and kind hearts. It’s what gives our company its unique personality and it gives us the courage to keep moving forward.

Despite all of these unexpected changes and the difficult decisions that we are making, I am so proud of how our people are rallying. Moments of hope, togetherness and resiliency are emerging from every corner of the Pursuit world. These are living proof of the powerful spirit of the Pursuit team. Every single day this week, I have been inspired by the strength of this team and your energy.

As we move forward, we are guided by our mission and our values. The power of iconic places will not be dimmed. Our inspiring and unforgettable experiences will stand strong, and so will we. Together, we will find the new path.

Stay well, stay safe, stay strong.

David Barry
President, Pursuit

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