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Marked by our unwavering commitment to Promise to Place, we are proud to highlight collective efforts that defined engagement with our communities. Flyover locations took meaningful steps to contribute to various causes in Vancouver, Reykjavík and Las Vegas.

Flyover Canada

To promote environmental sustainability, we worked with Metro Vancouver to reduce clothing waste from landfills and incinerators. We encouraged our community to reduce, repair, and repurpose clothes to help minimize waste, emphasizing that clothing and textiles don’t belong in the landfill.

Our collaboration with a diverse group of incredible organizations has once again made a significant impact on our community. Organizations such as Canucks Autism Network, Kid Upfront, Gathering Place Community, ALS Society of BC, Vickie Ayers Fundraising, The LifeLine Canada Foundation, Pathfinder Youth Centre Society, Clear Skies Children's Foundation (YVR for Kids), Crisis Centre of BC and many others contribute significantly to our community in various ways. We are honored to support their missions through ticket and monetary donations.

Recognizing the importance of giving back, we made conscientious decisions regarding lost and found items. Instead of discarding unclaimed lost and found items we directed them to charities that could make optimal use of these resources. We presented kids toys to YWCA Crabtree Community Center, clothes to the Women’s Center and sunglasses or prescription glasses to Iris Prescription.

Two men pose outside FlyOver Canada posing like they're flying.

We were honored to host students from different schools and programs. Seven participants from Pacific Autism Family Network attended two-hour job shadowing at our attraction as part of their employment works program. The program supports youth with autism to find work by organizing job shadowing as an opportunity for the youth to try out different positions of their interest.

We also opened our doors to students from Skybridge Montessori School, offering an exclusive back-of-house tour and announcing our forthcoming donation of old equipment to bolster their STEM program.

As part of an assignment, students from Douglas College's Tourism Business Structure class interviewed Flyover Canada managers to understand our operation, challenges, noteworthy achievements, marketing strategies and community involvement.

Each year, Pursuit invites team members to apply for a grant (up to $1,000) to support or kick start a new endeavor that aligns to our Promise to Place. Flyover Canada is thrilled that this year’s winner is our very own Kuo Chi Chang, guest experience guide. With the grant, Kuo Chang intends to rally the team to support the Greater Vancouver Food Band. "As inflation continues to impact people's ability to afford meals, many are turning to food banks. I plan to use money from the Promise to Place grant to encourage monetary donations to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, an organization that supports the nutritional needs of people of all demographics in Vancouver” she says. Way to go Kuo Chi!

Flyover Iceland

This past season we achieved a significant milestone. We fostered collaboration among businesses, leading the formation of the Grandasamtökin (Grandi Harbour District Association). The association is comprised of over 30 companies working together as a community.

To further demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity and dedication to embracing diversity and breaking down barriers we proudly hosted Drag Syndrome, a diverse group of drag queens with down syndrome. Their presence enriched our community and contributed to fostering inclusivity.

Four people pose at Flyover Iceland in front of a troll statue.

We were thrilled to welcome and host Ascent Soccer, a soccer youth team from Malawi who travelled to Iceland to play in the Rey Cup tournament. The young players were treated to a Flyover experience and from the screams of joy that filled the area, we have no doubt they had an unforgettable experience.

A soccer team poses outside Flyover Iceland

Throughout the season, our collective impact has been felt not only in business collaboration but also in creating positive societal changes. As we reflect on these accomplishments, we look forward to continuing our journey, remaining true to our Promise to Place commitment.

FlyOver Las Vegas

As race car engines roared and Las Vegas buzzed with excitement during Formula 1, Flyover Las Vegas took the lead in blending adrenaline-pumping simulation with generosity.

Our simulation brought together racing enthusiasts and novices alike, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Participants experienced the thrill of the track while contributing to a noble cause.

Thanks to the generosity of our guests, proceeds donated at the simulation event went towards supporting Wings for Life a non-profit organization that funds clinical trials and research for a cure for spinal cord injuries. This initiative allowed us to forge powerful connections. By donating to Wings for Life, we reinforced our commitment to make a difference.

As the season concludes, our commitment to community engagement and meaningful impact doesn't stop. We look forward to the continued support of youth in foster care through our friends at SAFY. Stay tuned for more initiatives that drive positive change and unite us in the pursuit of a better world.

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