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The protected parks and remote landscapes where we operate are wildly beautiful, eco-conscious and pristine.

As such, we feel a great responsibility to each other, our guests, and the planet to help preserve these wondrous places for future generations. Sky Lagoon, our oceanside geothermal lagoon that opened in 2021 in Iceland, demonstrates this guiding philosophy and our commitment to sustainability.

Although small in size, Iceland is a formidable world leader in harnessing clean, renewable energy. The tiny island generates its power from just two sustainable sources: hydropower, drawn from waterways and glaciers; and geothermal, which is fueled by the country's 600 natural hot springs. The latter is what heats almost every home in Iceland. Soaking in the warm, healing, mineral-rich geothermal water is also a beloved Icelandic tradition, and Sky Lagoon harnesses the full potential of this natural energy source.

Female construction worker standing in front of new sauna.

“Growing up in Iceland you are very connected to nature – Sky Lagoon is embracing the nature of Iceland,” said Gestur Thorisson, who is a founding partner of Sky Lagoon along with Eythor Gudjonsson.

“Icelanders understand the importance of living in a sustainable way. It came naturally to us to keep sustainability at the heart of the design and construction of Sky Lagoon.” 

Achieving Sky Lagoon's eco-friendly, award-winning architectural design required meticulous planning, including in-depth consultation with local industry experts. The team took a holistic approach to the build and launch, analyzing every element of construction, spa operations and our food and beverage program. Clean, renewable energy is, of course, central to Sky Lagoon's sustainability strategy, and we reuse, reduce and recycle it wherever possible.

After running through the 70-meter infinity-edge oceanfront lagoon, the geothermal water is captured and redirected through an in-floor piping system used to heat the buildings, spring-water showers, outdoor sidewalks and walking paths, melting winter's snow and frost. Sky Lagoon's sustainable heating system works in harmony with the spa's natural turf exterior, modeled after the ancient Icelandic building practice well-known for its exceptional insulation and protection against winter conditions.

Within Sky Lagoon, we've eliminated the need for single-use plastics and packaging. We provide water filling stations for hydration, refillable spa products in timed showers, and multi-use shoe bags to store personal items. Connecting our spa building to the lagoon has removed the need for slippers and robes, drastically reducing our environmental footprint, as laundering these items is not required. Eco-awareness signage throughout Sky Lagoon offers gentle reminders to our guests and team members about our commitment to sustainability.

Vendor and supplier procurement is another integral aspect of Sky Lagoon's eco-strategy. Before opening, we were diligent in our research, carefully reviewing each potential company's social and sustainability policies to ensure alignment before forming partnerships. Securing local products and partners is always prioritized. Smakk Bar, for instance, pays homage to the culinary world of Iceland, showcasing seasonal, locally sourced cuisine and beverages made from traditional ingredients that we can trace back to origin. Our culinary offerings can also be enjoyed without disposable servingware, and composting and recycling are standard practices in our kitchens and throughout the property.

Completed lagoon pool in front of open water with some guests in background.

The holistic approach we employed at Sky Lagoon has become the new benchmark for Pursuit's sustainable business practices. In 2022, we will continue to hold each other and our guests accountable — working together to make our world a healthier and happier place.

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