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Backstage at Pursuit: What Does Guest Service Mean to You?

At the Banff Gondola, each visit is a highlight of a lifetime, and we know just how important your time spent here is.

We strive to provide an outstanding experience. From a friendly smile to a helping hand, guest service is a simple and yet meaningful effort that we make each and every day. It's being positive and optimistic. It's about anticipating what someone may need or want even before they do so themselves. It's about putting the guest first.

At Pursuit, we're motivated by creating exceptional moments, and helping our guests get the very most out of each experience they have with us. By being authentic and true to ourselves, we know we can connect with guests and help them connect with these amazing places where we live and work.

Join Pursuit's David Barry to meet some guests at the Banff Gondola and discover just what going the extra mile means in the world of tourism experiences.

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