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Pursuit's Safety Promise is our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests and staff. Through this program, we will ensure that everyone feels safe at our experiences so that the power of our places can shine through.

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Live & Work on Fox Island

Only 12 miles by sea but a world away from the ordinary, Fox Island is home to our remote waterfront lodge and the close-knit team who lives here.

The mist-covered pebble peaches and crystal-clear waters of Halibut Cove have been a place of contemplation for many introspective adventurers, past and present. For those looking to disconnect from the everyday, Fox Island is a perfect summer home.

All About the Lodge

The Lodge buildings are the only establishment on Fox Island, a 12-mile boat ride from the seaside community of Seward which is about 130 miles (a 2.5 hour drive) from Anchorage.
The Team
Team numbers: 25 strong!
Summer Guests

We host over 25,000 guests from May through September.

Staff Housing

Stay cozy in our staff bunkhouse on Fox Island. Lodge team members also have access to employee housing in Seward, where many choose to spend their days off exploring further afield along the Kenai Peninsula. Lodging is provided for $100 per pay period for both Fox Island and Seward accommodation.

Stay Nourished
Hearty staff meals are included for all team members while on shift at Fox Island, and grocery stores and restaurants are just a short 15-minute walk from staff housing in Seward.
Stay Connected
In our expert opinion, the best cell phone service providers in the area are GCI & AT&T. Wi-Fi is available at the lodge
Getting Around

On the island, team members take advantage of downtime to join guided kayak tours and or relax at beachside bonfires. The pace is slow here, and well-suited to those who love the remote life.

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